During the 2018 Black Lives Matter At School week of action, we held the first national student challenge with the prompt, “At a school where Black lives matter we…” and students were asked to use their creativity to answer.

For the 2019 week of action, we will be holding a similar challenge, so stay tuned for the prompt.

Below are a couple of highlights from the 2018 Challenge.  Visit this link to see the rest of the art: https://medium.com/national-blm-week-of-action-in-schools

BLM At School Artwork From St Louis

Kaleidoscope Club is a after-school learning club centered around equity and inclusion. This week we had a discussion on the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter, and why this movement is so important. Our entire club, which consists of Kindergarteners, 1st, 2nd, and 4th graders, participated in the national challenge question and wanted to share their artwork with you.





BLM at School artwork from students in Philadelphia




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