WeekOfActionHowToParticipateNationalThere are many different ways to participate in Black Lives Matter at School week.  Some educators teach BLM lessons every day of the week, wear their Black Lives Matter At School t-shirt, organize after school rallies, facilitate their students entering the creative challenge, develop curriculum, post on social media, and rally at the school board meeting.  Other educators new the to movement sometimes begin by taking on one or two of these actions.  One easy way for everyone to participate is to sign the petition endorsing the week of action.  The important thing is that you act in some way to join this movement to bring down the structures of anti-Blackness in education and affirm the lives of Black students in your classroom.

Black Lives Matter At School Starter Kit!

Introducing the Black Lives Matter At School Starter Kit. This informative packet has all the information you need to bring the fight for racial justice to your school.

What You Will Find Inside:

1.    Introduction to the BLM in School Week of Action

2.    BLM in School Week of Action National Demands

3.    The Thirteen Guiding Principles of BLM

4.    How to Talk to Young Children About the BLM Guiding Principles

5.    Teaching Materials

6.    Sample Union Endorsements

7.    Past BLM in School Week of Action Flyers and Pictures

8.    Suggestions for how you can join the BLM in School Week of Action Today!

9.    FAQ’s


Teaching Tolerance recently published an article about the Black Lives Matter At School week of action.  The story goes into the history and the goals for the movement.  At the end of the article they suggest these simple ways to show your support for Black lives in school:

What Teachers Can Do

Black Lives Matter at School’s Week of Action is a movement sweeping across some of the country’s largest school districts. But you don’t have to live in a large city or be a member of an organization to join in this effort. The goal is simply to challenge structural and systemic racism while centering the lives of black students inside and outside of the classroom.

To join this effort, begin with these six steps:

  1. Mark your calendar. The Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action is slated for February 4–8. Connect with a local collective of social justice educators, or organize teachers in your school and urge school administrators to get on board. You don’t have to have the blessing of national organizers, but if you need support, contact them for assistance.

  2. Order Teaching for Black Lives and use it as a guide in the classroom.

  3. Compile teaching materials for the week of action and beyond. Visit the Black Lives Matter at School website for lesson plans successfully implemented in Seattle schools, or find resources at DC Educators for Social Justice website.

  4. Seek support from the community. Reach out to parents, community members and even Black Lives Matter chapters who can enlighten educators about the most pressing issues in your community.

  5. Follow the Black Lives Matter at School movement on Facebook and Twitter and use the hashtag #BlackLivesMatterAtSchool.

  6. Show solidarity by urging all teachers to wear Black Lives Matter at School T-shirts. You can customize your own or obtain the official T-shirt here.